Skateboard Lessons


One of the cool things about having a mini ramp in your store is 1... you get to ride it everyday and 2... we get to offer the opportunity to learn how to skate right here inside the store.  Every Saturday we run lesson's for kids from 9am to 2pm on the hour.  Lessons run for 45 minutes and are open to everybody of all ages and abilities.  The first 2 lessons are free for anybody who buys a board from us and only $8 for every lesson after.  Our mini is small at 2 1/2 feet tall and really easy.  The perfect place to get little shredders started.  If you didn't get your board from us no sweat, it is just $30 for the 2 lesson's.

If your after more info or want to book in, simply click below or contact us on 03 9421 2293 or email for more info and come get amongst it.