'Welcome To Let's Split. A Movement To Connect Splitboarders All Over Australia And Give The Opportunity To Get Out And Explore The Backcountry'

Let's Split was born in Spring 2018 when a late snowfall inspired a group of like minded friends and customers to head into the Australian backcountry to try and get the absolute most out of the Winter. The group hit up Dead Horse Gap with Phootstep Films along to record the day. 8 hours later the group emerged at the carpark, tired and ready for a beer after what was an incredible day.  

Fast forward to now and Let's Split features 4 to 6 trips a year across different areas of Australia and Japan. Let's split is not per say a guided tour but an opportunity to meet up with other splitboarders and get out to use your gear. The groups are limited in numbers and are always led by experienced backcountry enthusiasts. The focus is on technique, usinhg the gear, learning from each other and of course backcountry safety.   

Split Trips, Gear Tech Talks, Safety Info Nights, Movie Releases It Is Easy To Get Involved

The Let's Split community is all inclusive no matter who you are and what your level. We are all here for the same reason, to get out off the beaten track and just ride. From the right gear to Backcountry Safety Information Nights that are free to attend Let's Split is all about filling ourselves up with opportunity and knowledge. Getting involved is easy. 1) You can drop instore and we would love to tell you all about it HERE  2) Follow Let's Split on Instagram HERE, nothing tells the story better than images of the places we ride. 3) Send an email to Amine HERE and get all the answers and info you will ever need.

Winter 2021 Let's Split Trips

Let's Split was a way for me to get out on my splitboard where I wanted to be and have an excuse to bring along friends and like minded folks with the aim of educating ourselves, having some fun and maybe a few beers while we are at it. I can't wait to see you all out there!!

— Amine Yasmine Founder Let's Split