Simple Longboards Edina Longboard Mahogany | 46.5"

Simple Longboards Edina Longboard Mahogany | 46.5"

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  • Simple's newest creation forged in their workshop by experienced shapers, the Edina is a mash-up of our classic boards paired with plenty of innovations, new layup and a well-known shape the longboard world loves and keeps copying.

    right in between our Platypus with 127cm and our Mini Platypus with 109cm the Edina measures 118cm nose to tail.


    Key Features: full bamboo layup, stronger kicks, steeper kick angle, newly calculated apex point, chopped camber architecture more concave


    Length: 118 cm / 46 1/2 ”

    Width: 21,5 cm - 23 cm / 8,4" - 9″

    Wheelbase: 73,5 cm / 28 3/4″

    Kicks: 14 cm / 5,1″


    Construction: bamboo, glass, carbon, mahogany.