ONEwheel Pint Electric Skateboard | Sand

ONEwheel Pint Electric Skateboard | Sand

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    Introducing the Pint from ONEwheel.  The Pint is the ONEwheel experience squished down into a smaller package.  The compact Pint is only 27" long and fits just about anywhere you want to take it.  You get a 13km range, 26 km/h top speed, built-in LED light system, easy carry MAG handle, unreal hill climbing and a no remote lean-to-go system.  Under your arm, under a desk the new ONEwheel Pint is the perfect go everywhere commuter.

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The same surfy feel as the XR but easy to pick up, carry around and stash in the office

Self balancing, responsive and so much fun to ride. Literally take it everywhere from pavement to dirt roads and everything inbetween

"The new Pint from ONEwheel is a shrunk down version that has all the feel o the big board but is easy to carry and stash away. This is the #1 commuter"