DOT Cruiser Electric Skateboard

DOT Cruiser Electric Skateboard

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  • Twelve Board Store has the biggest range of electric skateboards in Australia.  We stock a huge range of the biggest most renowned brands including Evolve, Boosted, ONEwheel, Exway and DOT.  So why get your electric board from us?

    Try Before You Buy - Drop in and demo all our boards to help find your perfect ride.  Our staff has years of experience with e-boards and can guide you through what they do, don't do and teach you how to ride and take care of them.

    Instore After Service -  When you buy your board from us we service your board free for a year.  This includes bearing and wheel services as well as changing things like belts etc.

    Huge range instock - We have boards instock ready to go whether you buy online or instore.


    The DOT Cruiser is the perfect size cruiser.  Power it with the 2 battery and 2 motor option and you have an electric skateboard with epic tech that will travel 20km and hit speeds of 30k/h.  The confy uber-smart remote lets you control speed, performance mode as well as setting up custom braking and acceleration curves. Did I mention it is airline travel friendly!  The DOT Cruiser is the right mix of power, portability and range. Add up to three batteries and 2 motors to customize this beauty any way you want. This is the best of everything DOT board for you.


    Features: Lightweight V-Ply Deck, Handheld Remote, 30km/h Top Speed, UpTo 30km Range, 83mm Wheels, Hub Drive Motors, Custom Carry Case, Australian Company Born And Bred

Love the unique size of the cruiser and the ability to take it on a plane if I need. It has a functional kicktail I can tic tac as well as the ability to add batteries so I can get up to 30km of range. Very cool board

"DOT Feels like a true skateboard plus add and take away motors and batteries to completely customize how you ride with this industry leading modular design"