DOT Cruiser Electric Skateboard

DOT Cruiser Electric Skateboard

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  • The DOT Cruiser is the perfect size cruiser.  Power it with the 2 battery and 2 motor option and you have an electric skateboard with epic tech that will travel 20km and hit speeds of 30k/h.  The confy uber-smart remote lets you control speed, performance mode as well as setting up custom braking and acceleration curves. Did I mention it is airline travel friendly!  The DOT Cruiser is the right mix of power, portability and range. Add up to three batteries and 2 motors to customize this beauty any way you want. This is the best of everything DOT board for you.



    Features: Lightweight V-Ply Deck, Handheld Remote, 30km/h Top Speed, UpTo 30km Range, 83mm Wheels, Hub Drive Motors, Custom Carry Case

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Love the unique size of the cruiser and the ability to take it on a plane if I need. It has a functional kicktail I can tic tac as well as the ability to add batteries so I can get up to 30km of range. Very cool board

"DOT Feels like a true skateboard plus add and take away motors and batteries to completely customize how you ride with this industry leading modular design"