XR or Pint? Which ONEwheel Should I Buy?

Since we introduced ONEwheel electric skateboards they have been one of our most sought after products with staff and customers.  

So what is ONEwheel? 

ONEwheel is the creation of Future Motion CEO Kyle Doerksen who was on a quest to find a riding experience like no other.  It was about bridging the gap between recreation and transport.  It all comes down to creating vehicles from the future and riding them into the sunset with an ear to ear grin.  That is why we have 2 models of ONEwheel the bigger XR model and the new Pint.  2 different boards that deliver 2 different rides.

So how does it work? 

In a nutshell inside the center wheel is an electric motor, you stand on platforms with a foot on each side of the wheel,  one of these platforms has a pressure sensor in it which reads the pressure you put it to it . That motor spins the wheel and moves you forward or backwards but also features tech to keep you balanced.  Its self balancing.  No remote control everything is controlled and auto balanced by your bodyweight leaning forward and backward.  They are by far one of the most snowboard and surf feels you can achieve off the snow or water. 

So which model should I get?  

There is a pretty big difference between the 2 models of ONEwheel and I think they have nailed it for both the person who wants a recreational machine to charge theough the weekend as well as someone who is just looking for some fun or a commuter to get you that extra little bit instead of walking.

The XR - The XR stands for extended range and is the new version of the original ONEwheel.  The bigger XR is the flagship model and is bigger in size meaning it has a little more versatility over various terrain.  These things can roll anywhere, roads, gravel, sand, rocks...literally anywhere you can think of.  This also means it is much heavier at 17kg.  It carries a bigger battery which gives you more range.  I thing range is one of the key things you want to look at when buying an electric vehicle.  The XR will go 30km/h and depending on a few things get approximately 30km of range.  If you need to commute bigger distances, want to go off-road then the bigger battery on the XR is where you want to be.   The XR comes in at $2998.99 and we have free delivery Australia wide on all ONEwheel's.

ONEwheel Pint - The Pint is new and the little brother of the XR and comes in 2 colours.  You get a smaller platform and wheel and it only weighs 14kg.  The same premise as the XR you find in the Pint as far as how they operate and terrain they can handle.  Being smaller you will find that over bumps and rough terrain the Pint will still do it but it is not as smooth and you definately feel everything.  The battery is smaller so you are only getting 13km of range in a charge.  On the plus side I think the Pint is the perfect commuter.  Smaller, comes with a handy handle so it is easy to carry and lighterweight.  The smaller battery and size also means the Pint s much cheaper at only $1699.99.

Do I need to buy anything else with it?

No it comes with everything you need to get going.  In the box you get a Onewheel which comes with about 50% charge, manual, wall charger and we include the Aussie plug for you.  The only thing we recommend is to have a look at at least a fender and charger plug.  The fender stops dirt, water from spraying up all over you and protects your shoes and the charger plug just stops stuff from getting.  They come in heaps of colour's so you can customize your board with rails, fenders, plugs and handles.

Can I try one before I buy one?

Yes you sure can.  Twelve Board Store is one of the biggest e-board dealers in the World and we have a cool demo range of all our electric boards and electric scooters for you to try.  Do not worry if you have never ridden a board our Team is with you every step of the way to offer tips and tricks to get you rolling.  You can demo ExWay, Evolve, Boosted, Bexly, Segway, Transzite and more all at the store located in Richmond just outside the Melbourne CBD.

OK so which one?l

They are both awesome and deliver different things.  Price will come into it as well as your needs.  For me the Pint is fun and a perfect commuter for someone looking for that last mile vehicle as well as something to be able to take out for some fun on the weekend.  I think the XR is amazing and worth every penny.  It comes down to battery size.  Ride bigger terrain and the 30km of range maybe at first is not important but once you start riding it you will be riding 30km with ease.  The feeling of snowboarding year round.  Twelve Board Store is a premium ONEwheel dealer in Australia with free shipping, the best range of boards and accessories always instock.  Give us a call or try a demo 12 months a year.