Olliepop Films Best Of Thredisodes 2017

The lads from Olliepop are set to release Episode 1 of Thredisodes 2018.  With how good the snow has been this year we are looking forward to some epic terrain and good times with some of the best snowboaders in Australia.  Twelve is stoked to support the legends again this season.  Check out the best bits from last season and keep an eye out for Twelve Team riders Greg Murray and Ben Masterson this season, killing it as always.

"Thanks to several “stormageddon” cycles, the Australian snow season was jam packed with powder days! The boys and Jeremy Richardson had many snowshoe or splitboard missions throughout the season and the Thredbo Parks were on point! We’re hyped to be back another series of edits in 2018, but for now check the best of 2017 Thredisodes collection."

Featuring Greg Murray, Jack Watt, Nathan Louis, Ben Fawcett, Mat Galina, Josh Reeves, Tess Coady, Luke Harvey, Michaela Davis Meehan, Marc Triffitt, and more.


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