Limited Late Delivery Of Burton Step On Has Arrived

The good folks at Burton have dropped a sneaky hit of Burton Step On.  So what is Step On you ask?  It's the evolution.  For years we have seen many brands bring out quick entry or step in bindings, and while some have been good no one has ever nailed it.  What you gain in speed of getting into the binding you lose in feel and performance.  That has always been the feedback.  Then Burton comes with Step On.  Step On is a 2 piece purchase consisting of a Burton Step On boot and Burton Step On Binding.  The pair clip together with a simple push down on your feet and a click.  Once in you get a natural feeling, supportive and responsive boot and binding combo with the speed and ease of what you expect from quick entry.

Not for everyone but the Step On system has been in demand for over 2 years now and seem's to be always sold out.  In fact our first delivery sold out in 2 weeks.  Get in quick if you are interested, they will not last long.  CLICK HERE to check them out


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