Lets Split Trip 2 - Guthega Was Insane

The 2018 Lets Split TRIP 2 was an incredible day for everyone who attended.  Not only did it see the largest group of Splitboarders that any of us had gone touring with to date, but we were also lucky enough to have our first Skier join us.  Now ... even though we are a "Splitboard Group", we have open policy to skiers provided they are a plus one to someone who has attended a Lets Split event previously.  It was great to see the group diversity increase with our new friend, and awesome to see how welcoming everyone was to each other.   Our name may be "Lets Split", but our ethos is to stick together out there no matter what!  And that we did.

LETS SPLIT - 2018 TRIP 2 (Guthega, July 28th) from SlidePath on Vimeo.

The group of 18 people met at Guthega car park at 8am - all eager to see how well the snow conditions had 'recovered' since a brutal snap freeze a few days before, which saw some resorts even put their chair lifts on an "ICE HOLD" earlier in the week!  And as we did our safety briefing  down at the Guthega Dam wall, it was clear that the increasing temperatures would be on our side today, and would soften the snow cover nicely.  

The group skinned up next to Guthega River, and crossed the footbridge at about 9am. From there we headed up East Tate.  We stopped at the mid point saddle to commence the transition into our first run, which would be on some of the lower elevation faces leading down back toward Guthega River.  And surprisingly we were treated to spring like Aussie "HotPow".  And for a few of our attendees, this was not only their first time Splitboarding, but also officially their first backcountry run in Australia (and needless to say, group stoke was sky high at the bottom of this run).  

That same stoke then fuelled our tour back up the to summit of East Tate, at an 'invigorated pace', as everyone was eager for more turns.   But as we approached the summit, the all too familiar wind factor crept in.  When we got to our second transition point, all gloves and neck warmers were back in full use, and everyone was focussed on a quick transition to ride down and escape the strong winds.  

Starting at the East Tate summit, the group was then treated to a much longer second run, which started up high as a firm (and smooth) 'rippable' face, and then went done into some nice slushy spring turns toward the creek.  Based on snowpack stability, a Party Wave was called on the upper aspects, and the group ripped turns together all the way down to the saddle.  Nothing beats the feeling of a Party Wave with your crew when conditions allow for it! 

At the bottom of our long second run, we stopped for lunch, recharged the batteries, and re filled the water bottles in the Guthega River.  Once rested, we crossed back over the footbridge, and started our tour up Guthega Trig for our final run home.  When you get to the top of the Trig, the Guthega Dam (and your car park) comes back into sight.  And as much as this lowers the remoteness of the location, it was a very welcome sight for some of the tired legs in the group.  So we all descended down the Trig, stopping at the Damn wall to transition back into tour made, and start the last climb back up to the parked cars.  

Now there is no doubt that anyone's first day Splitboarding is somewhat of a 'shock to the system'.  You can have had numerous resort days under your belt, and yet your first day splitboarding each season just seems to require a different type of fitness.  And considering that we had 2 first timers in the TRIP 2 group (both of which were on rental gear), it was very clear that Lets Split thrives on accommodating riders of different fitness, and splitboard experience.  So a very warm thanks to everyone who made this event such a fun day for everyone involved, and a great success for the splitboard Australian community. I am looking forward to touring wit you all again very soon!  

Thanks to Amine Yasmine rom Lets Split and Phootstep Films for the handy camera work 



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